How to Setup Nokia WiFi Proxy in Belle, Anna, Symbian

Alike all others phones, Nokia Belle, Anna and Symbian allows you to use Nokia WiFi Proxy settings. As you all know Nokia Belle introduced with lots of features, but setting up proxy remains same in Symbian, Anna and Belle. To setup proxy settings, all you have to do follow the below instructions carefully.

1. Firstly, open your Nokia Menu (we are using Nokia belle on N8 as example.)

Nokia Belle Home Screen

2. Then Tap on the Settings Icon.

Nokia Belle Menu

3. In Settings Menu, click on Connectivity.

Nokia Connectivity

4. In Connectivity Menu, Tap on the Settings.

Connectivity Setting

5. Then Tap on Network Destinations.

Network Destination

6. Then Click on Access Point to add New Access Point (New Wi-Fi Settings). If will automatically search the available Wi-Fi connections near to your Phone, once it shows the available connections, simply add it to Internet section.

Access Point

7. Now, Tap on Internet (to see the access points you have created in the above step).

Nokia Internet

8. Then Tap on the Access Point (we are using SHARDA as example).

Internet Access Point

9. Then your Access Point settings will be opened. There simply Tap on the Right Button.

Access Point Tap

10. Then Tap on the Advanced Settings.

Advanced Settings

11. There, you can simply add Proxy Server address (we are using as example).

Proxy Server Address

12. Then add Proxy Port Number (we are using 6588 as example).

Proxy Port Number

You can use the above procedure in all Symbian version 3 and 5, Anna and Nokia Belle. You can use different proxy settings for every new Access Point you create.

  • If your phone is already having access points in the Internet column then also you can apply the proxy settings. For doing this you can follow the procedure from Step #7.
  • If you want to delete Access points from the Internet Section, then simply Tap on the Access Point Name, a Popup menu will appear with an option to Delete. Simply click on Delete option.

You can watch the above tutorial on following video:

Hoping the above guidelines will help you in setting up Wi-Fi proxy settings on your latest Nokia phone. We will love to hear your words about this settings through comment form below.

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  1. Bashar says:

    Hi ,Thanks for the guide it was very helpful I just have one question,is there anyway to force apps (like whatsapp and skype,nokia store…) through the same proxy because I cant seem to get to work .Atm I can only browse the web through this access point.


    • Rajesh Patel says:

      @ Bashar, We are also using proxy on our Nokia N8. And We are able to use Skype and Nokia Store successfully. Send your Proxy with Port, so that We can check it why its not working properly.

      • Bashar says:

        Thanks for the replay 😀
        I am using my university proxy with the following address: port: 3128

        I also have to authenticate with my own username and password.

        • Bashar says:

          I think the problem is with proxys that require authentication ,might be wrong though.

          • Rajesh Patel says:

            Mainly Server Address comes in numerical form, but you are using “”. We think this is the reason that you are unable to use the Wi-Fi.

  2. lj says:

    i have a nokia asha 303 (series 40)
    the menu is totaly different…no such option called destination

  3. Evo says:

    I can not find the Advance Settings on my symbian belle.

    how do you think? Is there any solution to display the advanced settings on my symbian belle?

    • Rajesh Patel says:

      We think every thing was well explained above. Anyway, If you dont want to read the above steps the follow:

      Click on Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Settings > Network Destinations > Internet > Select Wi-Fi connection > Click on Options > Advanced Settings.

  4. Rasool says:

    Tanx very mach my bro:-*

  5. rusydi says:

    Thanks. It works for me when I am using nokia browser called “web”

    Soon as i set proxy with port 3128. Then I open “web”, it then asks username and password for the proxy.

    When I wanted to browse from Opera Mini, it fails to connect to Internet unlike “web” (Which is nokia browser)

  6. Naveen says:

    thanks for the above procedure, because my frns r using wi-fi through proxy and i was unable to find my proxy settings in my phone. Now i’ll try these steps and if i fail, i’ll send mY problem.ok thanks….,

  7. adel says:

    thnkyou wery good

  8. Seta says:

    Thanx,it worked on my E5

  9. Moudy says:

    thank you. This is the best explanation I have seen

  10. mojinasiri says:

    Thanks. It works for me only when I am using nokia browser

    Soon as i set proxy with port 3128. it then asks username and password for the proxy.
    I set my username & password . Then I open “web”, but I can not connect to other application example google maps

  11. Satya Prakash says:

    HI,is there anyway use whatsapp and skype through the same proxy.i have wifi access from college and proxy address is almost every app works except whatsapp and skype through proxy.

  12. angela says:

    My phone is a Nokia Asha 311. How can I set up proxy settings on wifi internet connection?

  13. nikhil says:

    what is the proxyhostname of sharda for using wifi from s5282

  14. Eric Chen says:

    Please check if thi swork for Nokia 311

  15. Govind.n says:


  16. shaiksalim says:

    please my nokia n8 scan advanc setting how do you set plz.

  17. yasin afridi says:

    when i try to edit my wifi from which i want to give the proxy settings they give me the message that unable to edit the current wifi what will i do for this

  18. tchio pokam says:

    please,what is the important of adding a proxy in a wifi?
    I’m using nokia N97

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