How to Speedup Nokia Belle Home Screen

Nokia Belle was introduced with 6 homescreens, which allows you to add your own custom widgets or pre-installed widgets. But using too much widgets or turning ON the Theme Effects will decrease the performance of your Phone. To Speedup the nokia belle homescreen, you must Disable or OFF the Theme Effects, so that there is no perceivable lag while switching the Homescreen.

So, Here we are going to guide you how to speed up the Nokia belle home screen.

How to Turn Off Theme Effects on Nokia Belle

1. Tap on the Menu on your Phone.

Nokia N8 Menu

2. Then Tap on the Settings Icon from Menu.

Nokia Belle Settings

3. Under Settings, Select Themes.

Belle Settings Menu

4. Under themes, Select General.

Nokia Belle Themes General

5. Under General Menu, Tap on the Options Button and select Theme Effects to Off.

Nokia Theme Options


Nokia Belle Theme Effects OFF

In Short: Menu > Settings > Themes > General > Options > Theme Effects > OFF.

How to Turn on Theme Effects on Nokia Belle

1. Tap on the Menu Button on your Phone.

Nokia Menu

2. Then Tap on the Settings Icon.

Nokia Settings

3. Now, Select Themes.

Nokia Settings Themes

4. Under themes, Tap on the general.

Nokia Themes General

5. Now, Tap on the options Button and Select Theme effects to ON.

Nokia Theme Option Button

Nokia Theme Effects ON

In Short: Menu > Settings > Themes > General > Options > Theme Effects > ON.

Note: In the above two tips we have talked about the Theme Effects. Mainly Theme Effects enhance the visual effects on your phone, but it consume phone processing memory (RAM), which causes little slow or perceivable lag while switching the Home screens.

We personally do not use this feature on our Nokia N8. So, therefore we recommend you not to use the Nokia Theme Effects on your Phone.

To speedup your Nokia belle homescreen, you can also try to remove the unused widgets from the homescreen. To learn how to remove widgets read Delete Widget. If you are looking for more Nokia tips and tricks then don’t forgot to check out our Tutorials Section.

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