How to Soft Reset, Hard Reset Nokia Belle, Anna, Symbian

Sometimes it becomes necessary to Soft Reset, Hard Reset Nokia device. But doing Hard or Soft reset on Nokia can erase the contents of your phone and return to original configuration, so therefore if you are going to Hard or Soft reset your device then make sure to take backup of your Data.

To take backup of your phone you can use Nokia Suite (also known as OVI suite). If you are not having PC then you can backup your files on the external memory card. Once you have taken backup on memory card then remove it before processing Hard or Soft reset.

If you are having MAC computer then it will be better to use iSync to sync all your data like contacts, calendar, settings.

Soft Reset (Restore factory settings)

The soft reset will not erase your data, it will simply restore all factory settings. You must then configure everything. It is recommended to take backup of your data Before before processing Soft reset, including your contacts and calendar entries.

To do a soft reset, the phone must Be functional.

  • Open Phone dialer and type: *#7780#.
Soft Reset Nokia N8
  • It will popup a dialog box Saying “Factory settings will be restored. Phone cannot be used even for emergency calls during restoration”. Tap on the Yes button.
Soft Reset Confirm
  • Now you have to enter the Phone Lock code (default code for all Nokia phone is 12345).
  • Your Phone will be restarted and settings will be restored.
Soft Reset Phone Restart

Hard Reset (Restore factory settings and format internal memory)

The Hard reset will erase all the data on the internal memory and it also restores the factory settings of your Phone. In Hard reset the files on mass storage Will not be affected, but it will be safe to have backup.

To do a Hard reset, the phone must Be functional.

  • Open Phone dialer and type: *#7370#.
Hard Reset Dialer Nokia
  • It will popup a dialog box Saying “Delete all data except on memory card? This may take several minutes and not even emergency calls will be possible during this time”. Tap on the Yes button.
Hard Reset Confirm Nokia

Hard Reset if your phone is not functional (on N8, C7, 808)

If you are unable to Hard reset from the above procedure or your Phone is not functioning properly, then you can follow this procedure.

Press Volume Down + Camera + Menu button at the same time for 8 seconds. It will Hard reset your Phone, and may takes several minutes to restart your Phone.

Hard Reset Nokia N8 808 C7


You can try the last method of Hard resting your Phone, on v3 or v5th editions of Nokia Phone. If you got any problem while doing the above steps then you can contact use using the contact form below.

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  1. Stoycho Pampov says:

    Hello, I have a Nokia 700 and I tried to perform a hard reset by entering the code *#7370#. The warning message showed up and I clicked “YES” but I didn’t have the time to enter the whole security code and I only entered 123. Then the phone switched off, and no it cannot be switched back on again. The only thing that is comming up is the NOKIA logo and then a black screen again. Several times I saw 3 colorful stripes going through the length of the screen.
    I tried holding the volume down+unlock+camera+reject button, as well as volume down+camera+menu button. The outcome is the same, the phone tried to boot, but cannot go past the NOKIA logo.
    I hope you can help me and I am looking forward to your reply.
    Regards, Stoycho

    • Rajesh Patel says:

      @ Stoycho Pampov, If you have entered the incomplete password and that code is accepted by your phone, then there is problem in the phone software. As you said your phone is only showing the Nokia Logo, this error generally occur when software is corrupted.

      All you can do is to take your Phone to Nokia Service Centre.

      • RANJIT SWAIN says:

        Hello Rajesh,

        I’m in a situation and need urgent help…

        My Nokia N8 went offline and it is not allowing me to switch it to any other profile.
        When I do so it restarts the phone in offline mode again, although it gives me msg that the phone is in offline mode do u wanna keep it and in spite of my NO it turns on the N8 in OFFLINE mode and that goes on for ever…

        Offline mode >> Switched to general >> N8 Restart >> Offline mode

        Tried with other sim cards but issue persist.

        Please HELP!!!!!!

        • IHTISHAM MUMTAZ says:

          hello stoycho,iam facing same problem with my nokia 700,how did u solve your problem,did nokia care center repair your phone

  2. Naseer says:

    Hi, I have installed Nokia Belle on N8. Can i reinstall this OS again like we do in Computers whatever might be the reason it is for reinstall?

    • Rajesh Patel says:

      Instead of re-installing you should prefer hard resting your Nokia phone.

      To do Hard Reset, Type:


      Nokia Default Password: 12345

      If you want to re-install the Nokia Belle again, then you can use phoenix software. Read this:

      You can also take your Phone to the nearest Nokia service centre to re-install the OS again.

  3. Bradley Kensley says:

    i have a nokia x3-00, i typed in *#7370# and nothing happens, it says result unknown, how do i do a hard reset with this phone?

  4. kishore says:

    i want to reset my security code of nokia 5310,
    can u help me patel.

  5. cb says:

    worked for me – on a C7 running S.Belle.

  6. Tiro says:

    Hi, my N8 (Belle refresh) switches on only up to the home screen, then none of the widgets appear, just the wallpaper, network & battery status. This happens for about three seconds. Then it restarts twice with the same results. Then it finally switches off. I tried the “three finger” hard reset= volume down + camera button + menu button, but it doesn’t work. I have been thinking of flashing the phone with phoenix but it won’t stay on so pheonix doesn’t detect it. Should I flash it as a “bricked” or dead phone?

    Thanx in advance!

    • Mohan lakshmisha says:

      No better first you do hard reset and then reinstall the phone software..

    • Marshall says:

      Hi, did you fixed your N8? How! I have a nokia C7, and I must if I can reinstaling the original S3 on him, without any update! Can you give me more details?

  7. dom says:

    I have a Nokia E6-00.
    do not go over the buttons to the center after it has been updated to nokia beautiful. with hard and soft reset but I tried not to be too. help please

  8. Tommy Neil says:


    Really hope you can help i have a nokia n8 with a security code that i have forgot
    its my old contract phone and my son wants to use it i have tried the hard reset three finger but will not work just keeps asking for security code

    Hope you can help



  9. praveen p says:

    Thanx dear itz work for me….Hard formating,nokia C-07

  10. Theva says:

    How to install belle os on n97mini nokia

  11. aji says:

    please tell me how open nokia 808.. i forget password

  12. Shadrack says:

    Please I bought Nokia 808 just yesterday and want to have access to the password on Restore Factory Settings.Phone IMEI 359843126132166
    Please let me hear from you thanks

  13. vineesh says:

    i have a Nokia 3110c phone which is dead now(firmware corrupted) is it possible to hard reset in this state?

    Expecting reply….

  14. Huzefa says:

    Hello!! i’ve C2-05. i restored my factory settings and then lost everything except call and sms and basics from the phone. it also shows my phone as c1-01 whenever i connect it to my pc…..plzzz help me get my phone settings back. i cant update it even

  15. lwuqmahn says:

    Pls help,
    i install a software made for lumia 808 by mistake. it affected my camera (any i tried to open it, it gives me NOT SUPPORTED). I later re-install my nokia N8 via nokia suite but after the phone restarted, the same problem persist. i dnt know wat to do again. thks

  16. fauzi ibrahim says:

    I bought Nokia 808 on December 2012. Until now I feel so frustrated according MMS not working. I used celcom pospaid. I tried to overcame the problem through celcom office, celcom online/careline 1111, nokia service centre, and manual setting connection. till now it’s unable to send MMS and the mobile data notes that, connection not allowed
    Would you helping me please.
    Thank you and good luck

  17. ann says:

    hi, i use a nokia 808 pureview. my phone went dead and i cant start it. i tried everything i can. i tried charging but nothing. cant power on at all. please help me. thanks

  18. Madhurima Roy says:

    I have nokia x300. If i update the original software using the Nokia Software Updater then will i lose my themes, ringtones, or anything at all?? Please help!! Thanx in advance patel

  19. Captjay says:

    Please i need help.I have a Nokia 701.I password it and i have been using it for more than a year now.Recently i connected it to my laptop with the USB cable to keep some document on it.I switched it to mass storage mode and after transferring the files without disconnecting the USB cable from the laptop i switched the phone back to modem mode only to see the key lock icon popup on my screen.I press my password but the phone keep showing incorrect password.What can i do?thanks

  20. tadie says:

    i updated my software to belle(nokia n8) then it lost the photo and video editor. Not only that but the options for,’ set image as wallpaper, edit, assign to contact’.. I did hard reset, tried reinstalling the old software but none of that worked. I finally got the photo editor by jailbreaking. But now the options are still not available. Please help me, Please

    • Shivank says:

      I am facing the same problem. If you got the solution or any help or suggestion den please tell me. Utmost request

      Expecting reply

    • roz says:

      I am also facing d same problem…
      My proximity sensor also not working…………….
      always my mobile automatically locking when ever I gt a call r msg .
      plz ..hlp.
      thnkz in advance

  21. zubair says:

    i have nokia c7 handset but i forgot taht security key. then how eill i open it. could you help me please

    • naeem20132013 says:

      help meee i hard reaT MY nokia c7-00 use wallpaper option missed aaplicatin

      • i hard resat to(nokia c7-00) then it lost the photo and video editor. Not only that but the options for,’ set image as wallpaper, edit, assign to contact’.. I did hard reset, tried reinstalling the old software but none of that worked. I finally got the photo editor by jailbreaking. But now the options are still not available. Please help me, Pleas

  22. akshay says:

    i have belle installed in my nokia c7-00….
    after hard reset, will belle be retained or it will be back to symbian v^3 ??
    plzz help…

  23. kutye says:

    thanks wa
    work on n700

    ane dah galau th sbelumnya pokoke makasih

  24. rasik says:

    i loss my data ( application and photo vedio ets) pls help me for get again pls

  25. surafel ashenafi says:

    I got a problem on the vedio and photo editor application after I upgrading my nokia N8-00 original software to nokia belle!!! What can I do to solve this problem?

  26. my Nokia doesn't power on at all says:

    my Nokia 808 doesn’t power on at all i tired all mean if switching it on but in vain yet is battery is fine, any help please

  27. satinder singh says:

    Hi, I hard reset my n8 but after that i lost foto editing option in gallery, and other prob. is that this device shut down automatically when i connect to pc, and hangs very often.
    plz help
    satyinder singh

  28. Faris says:

    I forgot my Sec code so i want to do hard reset on my nokia 603. So i follow these rules menu button volume down and camera and i start the phone and hold these three buttons menu, volume down, camera. After that he is butting up the i must enter my pin, after that he gets me message Security code is not set up, you need to set it up and i click ok, he gets me message New security code i type in 12345, then he gets me confirm new security code i type in the same 12345 and then he gets me message code error. 12345 is just for example

  29. hermes 広島 says:


  30. satyendra says:

    man! i got nokia e-5 and i cant delete my image files in internal . and they are corrupted…. when ever i click on delete my handset shows GENERAL: SYSTEM ERROR!! i showed it in nokia care! bt dey failed!! can u give some sollution??

  31. Piet says:

    am using nokia 700 i hard reseted it and i lost everything backup the photo editor and video editor was not there can you please help me get them back please just a link so that i can download them againg please

  32. pankaj says:

    i am using Nokia 701 ,i want to hard reset but its asking password ,i given 12345

    but its not working given error, incorrect password you please help me how to reset my phone..

  33. Erathna says:

    My Nokia N8 indicate on screen Nokia only when i press power button. Please give me instructions to restore the phone

  34. aaron says:

    my nokia 808 the led light for video recording doesn’t turn on, help me please!! thanks!

  35. Praveen says:

    Nokia service centre charges a Bomb(rs.350) for just a simple passcode reset and they will also make you wait in queue for 45 mins and then ask you to collect the phone lateer…Pathetic service

  36. Caesar says:

    My Nokia, N8-00 (simlock free), recently started rejecting other simcards except for one currently inserted. Could you please assist as I travel a lot and end up having problems of carrying a second handset.

  37. akash says:

    how to change 808 software is their any hope…….?

  38. akash says:

    how to change 808 software is their any hope…….? i want to android in that pls help me…..

  39. priti says:

    i am using nokia is not allowing me to use internal memory it is showing memory card in use.

    Pleaes help me out

  40. oluwatobi says:

    Nokia is good an fine c7

  41. Anmol Gupta says:

    i did hard reset my nokia c7….
    but after switching it back on…
    the mobile network is not working…but the net connection is working on other mobiles and even on connectin my mobile with my laptop..

  42. 01 Sir My Nokia C7-00 Anna Bells Upgrade How to Anna Bells Remove .
    02 My Nokia C7-00 How to return Orginal Bells

  43. neha says:

    i have nokia c7 and one day when i woke up and saw my phone was automatically off when i switched it on my whole gallery was empty. What should i do i have other backup it contains all my wedding pictures.

  44. KingT says:

    I recently used factory delete and restore on my Nokia E 6 but when i restore the data from a back-up on my pc using Nokia pc suite , the restoration does not finish and it says device disconnected even though i haven’t touched it . I find my applications not restored and the internet will nt work even if i put new settings . I have tried it a number of times on different pc and using different versions of Nokia pc suite

  45. mide says:

    Please I need help with my Nokia 808 urgently. Sometime last year, I changed the “mobile security” password and now, I popped in my new Sim card and it requires d password to be able to access the phone. Please any way I can bypass this damn software or recover it using my email address?

  46. chyslar says:

    my nokia n8 doesnt boot , it shows oly nokia then the boot screen and the black

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  48. Syed Mazher says:

    I’ve tried about a dozen times to reset my N8 by holding Volume down+ Camera+ Menu+ Power buttons and released power button as my cell phone vibrated. But it showed me the same Security code input screen…
    Your help in this matter shall be appreciated…

  49. ali says:

    I have a Nokia c7 and I think someone is spying me.How can I get rid of it? is Hard reset enough? tnx

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  51. Whizsteel says:

    Please email me how to recover my e6..condition failed to startup,,when it get to nokia banner,,it always get black blank on its screen..hard reset no use,,shift-space-delete-on,,but still not working,,please email me,,thanks before,,

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  56. Sonaul says:

    I’ve nokia 808, Forget the passward & 12345 is not work so how to hard reset my phone.
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  62. Thoko says:

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  81. Ahmad says:

    I lost my Nokia C7 . I connected it to PC Suite and synchronized it . Is it possible to collect all my data and contacts/messages from Nokia PC suite. Now I have purchased Nokia Lumia 800 and when I conected it to my pc , it show a message to download a new software for Lumia 800 window phone . I download this software and again connected the phone , it synchronized … But it didn’t recover the data /contacts/messages which were already saved in Nokia PC Suite . Please help me . what is the solution to recover my contacts/messages/data and transfer to my Nokia Lumia 800 (window phone) .
    Ahmad ..

  82. Afe Osu Peter says:

    pls i ungraded my nokia e 6 anna to belle but cant find my photo editor and other few software. What can i do 2 get them back.

  83. Afe Osu Peter says:

    pls i ungraded my nokia e 6 anna to belle, how can i reinstall my phone back to nokia anna.

  84. nay says:

    hi , I have a nokia 700 been updated into belle fP1 but can I take it back into symbian OS ?

  85. king says:

    my nokia E6:OO all of a sudden is no longer responding to touch on the screen. What could be the problem and how do i resolve this? Guys help please

  86. Jamu says:

    My nokia N808FM with
    IMEI 1. 358080011859030
    IMEI 2. 358080011859048

    I lost the password but i have try the 12345 code for Nokia but still cannot access the phone. What is the advice?

  87. Michael says:

    I want to hard reset my phone but it does not want to take the 12345 code and keeps telling me code error code wil be unblocked in 5 minutes and its not happening. Its a nokia n8
    Please advise?
    Thanks Michael

  88. Arif says:

    Hello Rajesh Patel Bro..!!
    Your post is Very informative. I have benefited from your nice post. So I like your mobile hard reset tips.

  89. john says:

    thank you for this information i hard reset my phone nokia n8 by tayping *#7370# thank you alog god bless you :-)

  90. Suyash says:

    I have nokia 500. The problem is that its touch is not working and i want to perform a har reset on it. Can anyone tell me a solution to this.

    Thanks in advance

  91. vzndra says:

    hello, i have NOKIA 701, the problem while using is, i installed whats app in my phone, but after complete installation, it show, correct your phone date and time, then i corrected by actual date and time, even though its not working, again it showing the same message, then i apply to reset my phone by dialing *#7780# and the password 12345, so my phone gets restarted and i thought maybe it’s been cleared, but no, its just showing again the same message, so i request you tell me how do i get out from it, how i just clear that error in my phone!

  92. Sanud Kassim says:

    I did all the above steps but no any results

  93. STAR DM says:

    my fone is nokia anna E6-00 I Try Dose Code Is Not Working With My Fone

  94. STAR DM says:

    My Nokia Anna E6-00 Which Site Can I Go And Download HD Games To It Pls Help Me

  95. STAR DM says:

    Vzndra You Need To Try Other Whats App Version I Sure That One

  96. Maheswar says:

    I had Nokia 701 Belles and whistles it’s not working if memory card is inserted

    if i insert memory card it’s blinks nokia logo please recover it give me reply

  97. lee lyes says:

    got a nokia n8, ive had a message saying delete data to receive an incoming message as memory is full.. i deleted videos and pictures but it still wouldnt let me view any messages, it was just a black screen, so i done a restore which didnt solve the problem, then without thinking i did factory reset !! mobile works fine now, but ive lost all my videos and pictures.. is there anyway i can recover them, either myself or going into phone shop.. had lots of videos and photos of my 3yr old daughter from being born til now and didnt back up any..please help :-(

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  99. Bmanny says:

    i have a nokia and have forgotten my passwrod….tried to reset it but it comes to a point where it requires the password…please hlp, i cant even lock my phone using a password

  100. Ravi Varma says:

    Excuse me,
    How do i can “FREE MY PHONE MEMORY” in Nokia N8. Its Just Running with a FREE MEMORY of 29Mb. PLEASE HELP ME

  101. Amit says:

    I am not comfortable of nokia handset…………………

  102. Amit Rai says:

    Nokia 701 rear camera quality is very good…. I like it…

  103. M HAROON says:

    l have nokia603 l foreget my reset pasward how i reset my phone

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