How to Flash Nokia N8

Flash Nokia N8 is the method of phone repairing using the Phoenix service software. Beside repairing the phone it also allows you to install custom firmware with lots of new features. It also gives you opportunity to install unsigned applications which is not allowed by default.

Here, we are going to guide you how to Flash Symbian Belle on Nokia N8 using the phoenix service software. But before following the below tutorial you have to download the required files. These are:

1. Firstly, Install Download Phoenix Service Software 2011 on your computer.

Phoenix Service Software

2. Run NaviFirmPlus.exe from the downloaded folder.

NaviFirm Plus

3. Under the Products section select your device. It will automatically show the list of latest releases for your device. Tap and select the latest release to continue.

Navifirm Releases

4. Now, under Variants Select the firmware by country wise (For example: we have selected “India_wh (0599278)” which represents to Nokia N8 Silver.

Navifirm variants

5. Now, Tap on the Mark all button to download the firmware completely (includes important and memory card files). And the click on Download button to start downloading firmware.

NaviFirm - Download firmware

6. Once, downloading is completed. Go to the “Navifirm PlusFw” folder. There, you will be able to see a folder starting with 059xxxx.

Nokia Belle N8 Firmware

You have to copy, all the files in this folder and paste it to:

  • C:Program FilesNokiaPhoenixProductsRM-596 (for Windows 32 bit users)
  • C:Program Files (x86)NokiaPhoenixProductsRM-596 (for Windows 64 bit users)

7. Once You have copied the firmware file. Open Phoenix Service software.

8. In Phoenix, Click on File > Open Product.

Phoenix Open Product

9. In Open Product Dialog, your Firmware will be highlighted automatically.

Phoenix Open Product Select

10. Now, From the menu click on Flashing > Firmware Update.

Phoenix Firmware Update

11. Now, under Product information, click on Browse Product Code. And select the available product code and Press OK button.

Phoenix Firmware Update - Browse Product code

Phoenix Firmware Update - Select Product code

12. Now, click on the Refurish button to begin flashing your phone.

Phoenix Firmware Update - Refurbish

In the output area you will be able to see that Flashing has started.

Phoenix - Flashing Nokia N8

Note: Normally Phoenix takes 5-10 minutes to Flash your Phone. Once Flashing is done you can remove the cable and restart your phone.

You can watch the procedure live on this video:

We have created this tutorial with lots of hard work for those who wants to learn how to flash Nokia N8 using the Phoenix Service Software. If you find this tutorial useful to you in any aspect, then please it with your friends by using the below sharing buttons. You can also leave your comments to share your experience.

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